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Finanz Informatik

With more than 2700 employees, a consolidated turnover of 722,5 million EUR in 2005 and establishments in Berlin, Hannover, Leipzig and Saarbrücken, FinanzIT GmbH is one of the largest IT-service-providers for savings banks and state banks of the German savings banks group. As an IT service provider (system house) of the savings banks group, FinanzIT strengthens the competitiveness of their customers through the provision of integrative IT solutions. FinanzIT develops and integrates application systems, offers hard- and software consulting and IT services, and an efficient network of computer centres. About 165 savings banks and “Landesbanken” already decided to use the innovative IT services of FinanzIT GmbH.

FinanzIT has experiences in Grid computing, here specifically in the field of infrastructure/technology and business process support in terms of R&D-activities and some architectural explorations with partners (i.e. with IBM).

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